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Applied Food & Feed Extrusion Thailand

  • Institute for Food Research & Product Development Kasetsart University Bangkok Thailand (map)
This course is organised by FiE in cooperation with  FoodStream  and the  Institute of Food Research and Product Development (IFRPD) , Kasetsart University.

This course is organised by FiE in cooperation with FoodStream and the Institute of Food Research and Product Development (IFRPD), Kasetsart University.

Customised In-House training can also be offered while the presenters are in Thailand - for information see

We appreciate support/sponsorship from companies involved in providing equipment and services relevant to extrusion. Download information on sponsorship opportunities.


A Unique Approach to Applied Extrusion Training:

Download pdf of course information.

We have been presenting “Food and Feed Extrusion” courses in Australia and internationally since 1996. That course, while very practically oriented, is dominated by lecture-style presentations, supported by a single practical demonstration.

This “applied" extrusion course, which we have presented in Thailand since 2011, takes a different approach, providing participants with an understanding of the theory of the extrusion process, combined with pilot plant exercises demonstrating how the principles are applied across different products and extruder types.

Introductory sessions cover relevant extrusion theory, followed by discussion in which the product formulation, and screw configuration/process parameters are “designed”. Then we go to the pilot plant and make the product - running the formulation with the designed screw profile.

While a limited number of specific products can be made during the program, the range is selected to demonstrate the principles and issues involved across the range of types of extruded products – including expanded snacks and breakfast cereals, pastas and third generation snack pellets, textured vegetable proteins, pet foods and aqua-feeds. Five different products are made on three different types of extruder (long barrel single screw, twin screw, and collet extruders) during the three-day course.

Course Content:

Topics covered include:

  • Principles of extruder configurations (single and twin screw)

  • Role of rheology in extrusion

  • Die types and effects, die design

  • Ingredients used in extrusion

  • Causes and effects of extruder instability

  • Screw, barrel, and die-plate wear

Exercises in product formulation, screw configuration and process design include:

  • Textured vegetable protein, TVP (similar operation to pet/fish feeds)

  • Direct expanded breakfast cereal

  • Third generation snack pellet

  • Co-extruded expanded snack

  • High moisture meat analogue

These exercises are chosen to reflect the range of processes/configurations used across both human food and animal/fish feed applications.

Link to typical course program.

Note that presentations are in English.


Monday to Wednesday 15 TO 17 July 2019.


Institute of Food Research & Product Development (IFRPD), Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand.


Registration Fee:

40,000 Thai Baht per person
(~ $AU1680 or ~ $US1230 depending on the exchange rate at time of payment)

  • A 10% discount applies for registrations received by 31 May 2019 and paid within 14 days of that date.

  • An additional 5% discount applies for three or more course registrations received together from the same company.

Special fees for non-profit research organisations and PhD students (subject to places available). Advise on registration form if claiming special fee:

  • Non-profit research organisation (including University staff) – 25,000 Baht (or equivalent in other currency).

  • PhD students – 15,000 Baht (or equivalent in other currency). Advise University you are enrolled in at registration.

Registration fees are fixed in Thai Baht, but may vary in other currencies according to fluctuations in exchange rates.

The registration fee includes handout notes directly related to the presentations, as well as lunches, and morning and afternoon teas.

To register, use the booking form below. (FiE Privacy Policy) On receipt of your reservation/s, an invoice will be issued (payment can be made by credit card - a link for payment will be provided with the invoice).

Registrations close on 5 July 2019, but please register early as the course will not proceed if insufficient registrations are received.

To book places at the course, use the link to access the registration form . ( FiE Privacy Policy )

To book places at the course, use the link to access the registration form. (FiE Privacy Policy)

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Available to course participants at 20% discount to list price. If pre-ordered (see option on Registration Form), a copy will be provided at the course.  Limited spare copies will also be available for perusal/purchase at the course until sold out (orders at the same book cost, plus delivery, will be accepted for delivery after the course).

"The Design of Food extrusion Dies" is unique in providing specific guidance on die design, with worked examples and tutorials:

  • Printed THB6770, USD208, or AUD283 (hardcover)

  • Combination - printed edition plus eBook THB8860, USD272, or AUD370

"Food & Feed Extrusion Technology: An Applied Approach to Extrusion Theory": This book contains material which supports the course:

  • Printed THB4960, USD152, or AUD208 (hardcover)

  • Combination - printed edition plus eBook THB6840, USD210, or AUD286

To book places at the course, use the link to access the registration form . ( FiE Privacy Policy )

To book places at the course, use the link to access the registration form. (FiE Privacy Policy)


The main presenter is Mr Dennis Forte a chemical engineer with extensive experience in extrusion processing and die design, having worked with a variety of companies and extruded products, including breakfast cereals and snacks, pet foods and aqua-feeds, pasta, and confectionery.

Mr Gordon Young is a food process engineer who has worked in extrusion technology in both University research and with private companies.  He is also experienced in a wide range of other food processing technologies, including specific expertise in drying technology and thermal processing.

Who should attend?

Engineers, technologists, and scientists involved in the extrusion of products such as expanded snacks and breakfast cereals, pet foods and aquaculture feeds.


The venue for the course is the Institute of Food Research and Product Development (IFRPD), Kasetsart University, Bangkok, Thailand


Participants are responsible for their own accommodation. A wide range of accommodation is available in Bangkok, but accommodation options in the vicinity of the course include:

Cancellation policy:

Fees, less a 10% handling charge, will be refunded if participants cancel their registration 21 days or more prior to the course. Fees will not be refunded after that date, but a substitute participant will be accepted at any time.

Food Industry Engineering reserves the right to cancel or postpone the course if necessary (e.g. due to insufficient registrations). In this case a full refund of fees will be available.  Food Industry Engineering’s liability is limited to the registration fee only, and Food Industry Engineering cannot be held liable for air fares, accommodation or other related expenses.

For further information:

Use the contact form, or contact:

Gordon Young, Food Industry Engineering (and Associate of FoodStream)           

Ph +61 414 681200

Extrusion training can also be offered to companies on-site at their facility, at a level suitable for operators, or for technical staff - contact us for information.