Food & Feed Extrusion Technology Typical Program

For currently planned public courses see our Events page.  This training can also be provided to companies on-site.

(See here for the alternate "Applied Food & Feed Extrusion" typical program offered in Thailand)

Program details may be subject to change - often customised to site priorities.

 Day 1

8:30      Introduction and welcome, Overview of the extrusion process

9:00       Principles of extruder configurations (single and twin screw)

9:45       Morning Tea

10:15     Role of rheology in extrusion

11:15     Basic science of extrusion

12:00    Lunch

1:00     Principles of die design

1:45      Ingredients and their effects

2:30     Product design example, Afternoon Tea

4:30     Preconditioning for extrusion

5:00     Close Day 1

 Day 2

8:00     Texturisation during extrusion processing

9:00     Die design and extruder configuration exercise, Morning Tea

10:45    Causes and effects of instabilities in extrusion processing

11:30    Screw, barrel, and die-plate wear, extruder maintenance

12:15    Lunch

1:15      Practical demonstration: pilot plant extruder

3:00    Afternoon tea

3:30    Discuss practical exercise, Single screw extruders vs twin screw extruders

4:30    Close Day 2

Day 3

8:15    Extrusion process scale-up and process transfer

9:00    Drying technology related to extruded products

9:45    Morning Tea

10:15   Extruded product analysis and RVA

11:15   Understanding co-extrusion technology

12:00   Lunch

1:00     Extrusion trouble shooting

2:00    Extruded product quality assurance: how to achieve it

3:00    Afternoon tea

3:30    Final discussion, close

The program is varied from time-to-time. Other available topics include:

  • Technical Considerations in the Selection and Evaluation of Dry Materials Blending Operations
  • A review of heat transfer in extruders
  • Mixing phenomena in extruders
  • Weighted Average Total Strain (WATS) - A method for Quantifying Extrusion Processes
  • An engineering analysis of the venting section of an extruder
  •  The dynamics of product expansion during extrusion processing