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General food process engineering and food technology.  Specific areas of expertise include:

  • Thermal processing (recognised as an "Approved Person" for the design of thermal processes)
  • Drying of food products
  • Education and training (industry short courses in relevant technical areas and tertiary level teaching)
  • Extrusion technology for foods



Bachelor of Engineering (Agricultural) from the University of Southern Queensland - 1980.

Master of Engineering Science from the University of Melbourne - 1987.

Graduate Diploma of Business (Technology Management) – 1995

Approved Person for Thermal Processing of Low Acid Foods (Qualified Cannery Person’s Certificate) – 1995

Certificate IV in Assessment & Workplace Training


Member of the Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology


  • Design/validation of thermal processes for retort pouch products (including meats, rice, desserts, and seafood), and submission of thermal process applications Dept of Agriculture Biosecurity (formerly AQIS -Australian Quarantine & Inspection Service) to achieve export approval
  • Advice on the setting up of retort systems
  • Provision of industry training in retort operation, extrusion, and drying
  • Manufacture/preservation of coconut products
  • Design of a bulk drying system for peanuts
  • Design of a belt drying system for root ginger
  • Design/development of fluid bed dryers for tea processing
  • Provision of technical services for the production of hot fill products
  • Advice and equipment selection regarding the establishment of a mango puree processing line
  • Advising on equipment used to process meat for the production of a dried mince product
  • Advising on improvements to a continuous pet food dryer
  • Design of a drying/storage system for macadamia nuts
  • Design and equipment specification for the drying of other products including mangoes, pepper, and tea
  • Development of extrusion processes for a range of products including stock and aquaculture feeds, breakfast cereals, and expanded snacks
  • Improving performance of a pasta manufacturing line
  • Provision of technical assistance for the production of a frozen baby food product
  • Technical adviser to a joint venture project on drying of molasses (utilising microwave technology)
  • Drying and heat preservation trials for mango products
  • Design of systems for heating fruit for disinfestation
  • Technical input into feasibility studies on establishing a processing plant to produce fruit chips (Tasmania) and general fruit processing (north Queensland)


  • Troubleshooting and factory audit, condensed milk processing, Brazil
  •  Retort temperature distribution and process validation work in New Zealand, Thailand, and India
  •  Presenting Retort Supervisor’s Courses in Papua New Guinea.
  •  Presented Thermal Process design (“Approved Persons” level) and retort Supervisor’s training in Fiji 2013 (for the Pacific canning industry, organised by the Secretariat of Pacific Communities)
  •  Successfully organised and presented international training courses in Bangkok, Thailand:
    • “Food and Feed Extrusion Technology”, 2004 to 2014 (every one to two years).
    • “Food Water Activity & Drying Technology” 2006, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2014.
  •  Processing of seaweed for carrageenan production in The Philippines
  •  Jointly organising and presenting short course on food drying technology, Bangkok 1996.
  •  Involvement in a project concerned with the development of low-cost heat disinfestation systems for fruit and vegetables - cooperators in Thailand and Vietnam.


 Food Industry Engineering and Associate of Foodstream Pty Ltd

 November 2005 to present

 Position Held:     Senior Food Process Engineer (also Director of FoodStream to June 2014)

 One of the three founders of FoodStream.  The company was formed to bring together a range of expertise relevant to food processing, enabling a more complete/comprehensive service to be offered to clients.  Services available in most areas relating to food processing, including food product and process development, food preservation and quality, plant design, equipment selection, food product labelling, and food marketing.

 Since February 2015 also working independently under the “Food Industry Engineering” business name.

 Food Industry Engineering

 July 1997 to June 2012

 Position Held:          Director

 Consultancy and training in the food processing industry as described above.  This work is generally now carried out through FoodStream.

 Food Science and Technology, School of Land and Food Sciences, The University of Queensland

 July 1994 to December 1999, plus on-going casual teaching

 Position Held:          Lecturer, Food Engineering

  •  Lecturing in food engineering and basic food technology.
  • Responsibility for managing industry consultancies, short courses etc
  • Research interests include the application of heat pump drying to the food industry (this project won the 1994 AIFST Food Innovation Award and the Industry Category of the 1993 National Energy Awards) and food extrusion
  • Expertise in thermal processing (Registered by AQIS as an “Approved Cannery Person” for the design of thermal processes for low acid foods)

 Queensland Department of Primary Industries, Division of Technical Services, Brisbane

 June 1992 to June 1994

 Position Held:         Chief, Agricultural Engineering

 Responsibility for the statewide management and professional supervision of agricultural and food engineering in DPI.  These staff were engaged in projects involving research and extension in the following areas:

  • Food process and equipment development (e.g. drying, product preparation and quality grading, waste utilisation/minimisation, process monitoring)
  • Agricultural mechanisation (e.g. harvesting, tillage and seeding, conservation cropping, storage and handling)
  • Waste management (in feedlots and piggeries) and animal housing (pigs and poultry)
  • Aquaculture (e.g. design of facilities, energy recovery and pond heating)

 During this time I also served as a Board Member of:

  • The Australian Agricultural Machinery Manufacturer's Association (AAMMA)
  • The National Centre for Engineering in Agriculture (NCEA)

 Queensland Department of Primary Industries, Centre for Food Technology, Hamilton, Brisbane, Queensland

 February 1987 to June 1992

 Position Held:     Engineer

 The position was responsible for research, development and extension in food process engineering including:

  • Use of heat pump dehumidifier dryers for food products.  This project won a National Energy Award (1993), and the process has been widely adopted by industry.
  • Investigations to improve energy efficiency of a continuous industrial ginger drier.
  • Disinfestation of mangoes using microwave heating.
  • Equipment for peeling and slicing mangoes.  This equipment is now commercially available, including use by Golden Circle Cannery in producing canned mangoes.
  • Mechanical separation of macadamia kernel fragments from the waste shell.  This equipment has been commercially manufactured and sold within Australia and overseas.
  • Quality grading of macadamia kernel.
  • Laboratory and pilot scale equipment for a vacuum frying process.
  • Efficient use of energy for on-farm milk cooling.  A major output was a software based decision aid for producers.
  • Coffee harvesting and processing. The harvester is now being commercially manufactured.

Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Tatura, Victoria

  •  September 1980 to February 1987
  •  Position Held: Engineer
  • Design and development of mechanical harvesting equipment, mainly for canning fruit (peaches, pears, and apricots).  A production prototype harvester was produced by a private engineering company.
  • Development of mechanical pruning equipment.
  • Trellis structural design.


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