Food Industry Engineering

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Food Industry Engineering (FiE) is a consultancy business offering advisory, design, and training services across a range of areas relating to the processing and handling of food and agricultural products.

Technical expertise is provided through food process engineer Mr Gordon Young. He has qualifications in both engineering and business, with over 30 years experience in engineering related to food processing and the agricultural industries.  Gordon has experience over a wide range of operations and commodities, but areas of specialisation include thermal process and general preservation operations, drying and water activity, and extrusion.

Gordon is also an Associate of FoodStream Pty Ltd (www.foodstream.com.au).  Where a wider range of expertise, or more resources, are required, projects may be directed through FoodStream.

Food Industry Engineering (often in conjunction with FoodStream) also offers training/short courses in specialist technical areas.  This training may be conducted for companies on their site, or courses are offered publicly. See our Training page (coming soon) for more information, or our Events page (also coming soon) for specific information on coming events.


Brisbane, Australia - but we work through Australia and internationally..


Ph +61 414 681200 or use the contacts page.