Retort Supervisor's Course Typical Program

For currently planned public courses see our Events page.  This training can also be provided to companies on-site.

Program details may be subject to change - often customised to site priorities.

Day 1

8:30    Introduction to the course

8:45    Introduction to canning

10:15Morning tea

10:45Retort systems and container handling


1:15    Microbiology of thermally processed foods

2:45    Afternoon Tea

3:15    Overview of retort operation 

Visit pilot plant – introduce general procedures.  Inspect retort, identify major components etc

4:30    Close Day 1

Day 2

8:30    Principles of thermal processing – basics of thermal process design

10:30Morning tea

11:00Heat penetration Practical 1


2:15    Packaging systems for retorting

3:00    Afternoon tea

3:30    Water chlorination and canning sanitation

4:30    Close Day 2

Day 3

 8:30    Review of Practical 1, industry examples

10:00Morning tea

10:30Regulations relevant to thermal processing

11:00Can seams – formation and evaluation, can visual defects


1:00    Second Practical

Afternoon tea

3:45    Practical tests/discussion

4:30    Close Day 3

Day 4

8:30    Review of Practical 2, industry examples

9:00    Retort operation and production records

9:45    Morning tea


11:00 Written examination


pm – Time available for individual discussions/assessments if required.